To have a Rehearsal or not to have a Rehearsal that perhaps is the question.

Without a doubt there are wonderful benefits to having a rehearsal. I am however finding more and more that getting everyone together in time with, everything else to organise leading up to the day, that it is just not always possible.

I have designed a rehearsal run sheet for times like this, so that you get the benefits of a rehearsal even if one is not held in person.

The Keys to a Good Rehearsal

When deciding if a rehearsal is for you, you need to keep the following in mind.

The ideal time to hold a rehearsal is between 2 weeks and 24 hours before the wedding day. This makes sure it is fresh in your mind and having the rehearsal close to the wedding day means it is more likely that those who have to travel to attend the Wedding will be available.

To get the full benefit of having an in person rehearsal it is best to have everyone involved in the ceremony available to attend.

This would include the Bride and Groom, Bridal party, parents if involved, people who are chosen for readings and so on. In my experience if less than 50% are unable to attend then looking at a rehearsal run sheet would be my recommendation.

What happens at the Rehearsal

At the rehearsal once all involved are introduced we would then take the time to mark through the ceremony, keeping the wording special for the day but touching on each part and where people will be standing and moving throughout. When holding a rehearsal with more than 4 people it is best to keep questions to the end and allow time to run through again after all questions are answered.

If you are organizing your wedding with me you will have access to the resource centre on my website where you will find both the rehearsal run sheet and the Rehearsal guide.

Wishing you a magical Wedding day perfect just for you.

With warmth


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Wedding Vows

Choosing or writing your wedding vows can be a wonderful and an amazing experience to share not only with each other on your Wedding day but also with your loved ones, your family and friends. What many don’t realise is that there are difference approaches to deciding on your Vows.

How do you write your vows??

You can choose from my wedding booklet, I have over 30 different wedding vows, there are many vows you will find on the internet or in wedding books. Or you can write your own. In each case you can have the same vows as each other or different ones.

Legal Requirements

You do need to in all cases include the wording required by law as stated in the Marriage Act.
“I call upon the persons here present to witness that I, “full name” take you, “full name” to be my lawful wedded wife/husband.

Choosing or writing your vows can also feel a little or even a lot overwhelming and stressful, a bit daunting even. I understand that choosing your vows is a really important part of your Wedding day and an amazing opportunity to share loving wonderful vows and promises to each other in front of those you love and trust.

You want to get them Perfect.

Help is at hand!

This is why I offer so many options in my Wedding Ceremony booklet and I have also created a formula on how to write your Wedding Vows. This formula I have designed includes the legally required wording as well as personal loving words. I have even designed this so that if you would like to keep the vows special and not reveal them to each other till the day you can but doing so feeling supported and safe within the fact that you are both writing your vows using the same method in mind.

Here are some lovely kind words and feedback I received recently that touches on the lovely vows they exchanged.

Hi Andrea,
Ben and I wanted to say a BIG thank you for marrying us on July 19th.  
You were such a pleasure to work with and we both enjoyed seeing a friendly familiar face to help us through the ceremony nerves.
Many people commented on the vows, saying that the words we chose reflected what they saw marriage as representing also, which is definitely not something we could have done without your guidance.

We were also hoping you had received the wishing well that was dropped off on the Monday following the wedding.  
Again a big thank you for letting us use the wishing well, as well as the signing table and pen.  All those little gestures made the day as magical as it was.

Anna and Ben J

Wishing you a magical Wedding day perfect just for you.

With warmth


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Beach Weddings

Living in a beautiful place like south east Queensland Many choose an outside Wedding venue for the Ceremony. I have over the years seen some truly breath taking places to get married. I am really not sure how I would make the choice myself when that decision day arrives for me :)

One of my “7 Hints and Tips to your perfect Wedding Ceremony” topics that you can get Free from my Website is, how to choose your Wedding ceremony venue.

Here I want to talk specifically about Beach Weddings and share with you some things to think about when planning a beach wedding ceremony.

Things to Consider...

Firstly ask yourself, why do I want a beach ceremony.

Do I want a beach wedding for the views, the sun and the calmness of having the water close by but don’t like the idea of the sand getting into everything? If the answer is yes then think look for places where you can have the view without being specifically on the Sand, there are plenty of places along the coast that are perfect for this.

If you specifically want to be on the sand, you can certainly have your perfect wedding you just need to keep a few things in mind.

I would recommend you make sure you have a backup plan that you love just as much in the case of high winds.

With high winds, the vail can be difficult to keep in place however if you plan to have your brides maid nice and close this potential problem can be solved by simply talking beforehand about support in the event of this.

With high winds you may need to look at not having a microphone as in some cases you will hear the wind through the mic and not the words. This can be solved with ease by having me stand with my back to the wind so as to protect the mic from the Wind. In this case it could mean that once arriving at the ceremony venue on the Wedding day the way in which we plan to face can change. WE also need to make sure the music is played so that the wind blows the sound towards the guests and not away.


Shoes are also a little difficult on the sand however brides and bridesmaids don’t always like the idea of no shoes, there are lovely Bearfoot Bridal Sandals you can purchase, that match and then change into formal shoes for the reception.

You may like to look at having two different dresses and leaving enough time between the ceremony and the reception to change into in the event that during the ceremony and or photos you get sand in your dress. Being a lady myself I just don’t know I would want to have sand in my dress all night but of course this is very personal. These are just things to think about.


If you are going to have decorations at the beach I highly recommend having a professional take care of this as they will have had lots of experience and will be able to make sure all is taken care of without you having to worry about it.

There are other things to consider also and when working with myself as your celebrant for your ceremony we will go into detail about these and any other considerations to make sure it is as perfect as possible on the day.

Wishing you a magical Wedding day perfect just for you

With warmth


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Hello Everyone, welcome to my Blog!

I am very excited to be finally starting my Andreas Wedding Blog.

Here I will be adding lots of stories as I continue my amazing journey as a Marriage Celebrant and also adding lots of Hints and Tips along the way.

Please feel free to come and say hi or share a story or experience that others can enjoy or lean from.

My Passion for this Blog is to have a place where we can all come to share fun, ideas, direction and lots, lots more when planning that special perfect Wedding Ceremony.

You can also find me at:


I look forward to staying connected with you all.

Have a wonderful day

Authorised Marriage Celebrant

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