Andreas Weddings
Platinum Unlimited Package

 Total: $695


First Meeting:


1) Ceremony booking form (completed by you the Bride & Groom)

2) Supply and completion of all legal paperwork including the Notice of intention of Marriage. The NIOM is to be completed and lodged with Andrea, No less than one month and one day prior to the wedding date)

You will need:

  • Your full original birth certificates
  • Full Original Divorce or death certificates (of your previous spouse)
  • Passports and/or Drivers licence (photo id)

If you are born outside of Australia you will need your full original Birth certificate and if not in English a certified translated one, or an overseas valid passport.

3) Service agreement / deposit $200

4) Outline legalities in the ceremony

All legal documents need to be available no less than one month and one day (thirty-two days) prior to the wedding date so as to proceed with the lodgement of the Notice of Intention of Marriage. Please note it is your responsibility to acquire all legal documents associated with your wedding day. If you require assistance please do ask.

5) Form 14 Declarations by couple (marriage certificate)

Second meeting or via email:

6) Designing the wedding ceremony, you will be given full unlimited access to the Client resource centre to personally create your perfect wedding ceremony. In the Platinum, Unlimited Client resource centre you will find the following and much, much more:

  • Ceremony design guide
  • Wedding Vows Formula
  • Design Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony
  • Rehearsal Details
  • Wedding Ceremony Template
  • Wedding Ceremony Examples
  • Rehearsal Guide
  • Ceremony Music guide

    Suggested Photo list for photographer Exchanging of Rings guide

    7) Arranging rehearsal or complete rehearsal run sheet date, time and length

    8) Confirmation of all details of the Wedding Day will be confirmed in writing close to the Wedding day.

    9) Application for official Marriage Certificated filled in and left or emailed to Andrea to send to BDM along with other legal documents after the wedding day.


    Rehearsal: (See Rehearsal Guide/Template)   


    Run Sheet: (See Rehearsal Run Sheet Template)


    Wedding Day:

    • Arrival at the Wedding Ceremony at least 20 min prior to the ceremony start time.
    • Meet with the Groom, Bridal party members and anyone involved in the ceremony and the person running the Music for the ceremony.
    • Talk with the photographer about the ceremony so that the photographer has all the details necessary for the ceremony for optimum photos. Answering any questions or special requirements the photographer may need.
    • 5 min before the Ceremony start time Organise Groom and Groomsmen into position. Organise guests, housekeeping, i.e., turn phones off and announcements as requested by the Bride and Groom.
    • Wedding ceremony solemnised as outlined by the Bride and Groom.
    • Supporting the Bride and Groom throughout the ceremony.
    • Once the ceremony is completed and the Bride and Groom are walking down the aisle, support the Bride and Groom by keeping an eye on the Guests and giving instruction as needed, i.e., “please make your way to congratulate the Bride and Groom.”
    • Once the Bride and Groom, and Guests are settled into the next stage of the day I hand over to the photographer and say goodbye to the Bride and Groom.


    What Else to expect:

    • Unlimited access to my resources to design your wedding ceremony.
    • Use of a PA system with wireless microphone (music can also be organised, if the ceremony area is more than 20 metres from the car park assistance with PA may be required)
    • Signing table and tablecloth and chairs.
    • The use of a “wishing well” for your reception. Wishing Well is to be picked up 24 – 48 hours prior to the ceremony day and dropped back the next day.
    • Elegant Pen supplied for the signing of the register and spare simple pen
    • 60 KM return from my office travel on the Wedding day and the rehearsal day if required.

    Total: $675

    ($250 Deposit, followed by 1 further payment of $225 4 months prior and then final payment of $200 no later than 62 days before the wedding day)


    ($250 Deposit, followed by 1 further payment of $425 at least 62 days before the wedding day)



    All paper work must be finalised prior to the commencement of the Ceremony.



    Authorised Marriage Celebrant