Andreas Weddings
Platinum Unlimited Package
Plus Wedding Day Planning and Preparation

 Total $975

This package is designed for couples who would like extra support in planning the Wedding day and who would like to have unlimited access to not only the client resource centre but also unlimited phone email and meeting support. Also designed for couples who feel anxious about the day and would like someone to be there to support them in the days leading up to and on the day who are not family and friends.


Meeting in person:

1) Ceremony booking form (completed by you the Bride & Groom)

2) Supply and completion of all legal paperwork including the Notice of Intention of Marriage. (The NIOM is to be completed and lodged with Andrea no less than one month and one day prior to the wedding date)

You will need:

  • your full original birth certificates
  • Full Original Divorce or death certificates (of previous spouse)
  • Passports and/or Drivers licence (photo id)

If you are born outside of Australia you will need your full original Birth certificate and if not in English a certified translated one, or an overseas valid passport.

3) Service agreement / deposit of $250

4) Outline of legalities in the ceremony

All legal documents need to be available no less than one month and one day (thirty-two days) prior to the wedding date so as to proceed with the lodgement of the Notice of Intention of Marriage. Please note it is your responsibility to acquire all legal documents associated with your wedding day. If you require assistance please do ask.

5) Form 14 Declarations by couple (marriage certificate)

Via Email:

6) Designing the wedding ceremony, you will be given different ceremony options to choose from for your wedding.

7) A run sheet for the day will be emailed to you leading up to the wedding day to outline how things will run on the day.

Wedding Day:


8) Wedding Ceremony, Andrea will be available at the ceremony for 1 hour including 20 mins prior to the ceremony start time.

9) 50 KM return travel from my office on the Wedding day


After Wedding:


10) Paper work will be lodged by Andrea with BDM within 14 days after marriage. The responsibility to apply for the official marriage certificate is with the couple, you can find the application form on my Website.



Plus Wedding Day Planning and Preparation:


1) A Wedding Day run sheet template, from when you wake to leaving the Reception.


2) I hour Wedding Day planning session with Andrea using the “Wedding Day Run Sheet Template”


3) A reminder of Wedding day details 2 weeks prior to the Wedding day


4) Ceremony seating plan for guests.


5) Run Sheet designed and emailed to each bridal party prior to the rehearsal


6) Wedding Rehearsal at venue using the run sheet as a guide.


7) Support phone calls 24 hours prior to the Ceremony and the morning of the ceremony. These calls can be to the Bride and Groom directly or each the Bride and Groom can nominate a bridal party member or another person who will be with them at these times.


8) Arrival at the ceremony 30 min prior and phone the Bride or nominated person with an update that all is ready and on time at the ceremony area to keep the Bride at ease.


9)  Check ceremony seating plan and make sure guests are seated correctly.


10) Make sure venue has water available for Bridal party and if not 6 bottles of water will be provided.


Total: $975


($250 Deposit, followed by 2 further payments of $350 at least 62 days before the wedding day)


($250 Deposit, followed by 1 further payment of $700 at least 62 days before the wedding day)


All paper work must be finalised prior to the commencement of the Ceremony.

Authorised Marriage Celebrant